Building national leaders, one person at a time

The Muslim Public Service Network (MPSN) Summer Internship Program is designed to give our community’s best and brightest an introduction to the American political system. With the negative portrayal of Muslims in our media and textbooks, we all agree that we need good Muslim leaders in Washington. The MPSN Summer Internship Program gives Muslim students insight into the American legislative, policy-making, and political processes, and provides opportunities to make positive contributions in the public service arena.

MPSN 2018 Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program focuses on our most valuable resource – the newest generation of Muslims. It is designed to bring young Muslims from diverse backgrounds to the nation’s capital to live and study together and to work in ways that will prepare them to contribute to the shaping of American public policy in the future. The program has three objectives:
  1. Facilitating on-the-job training on Capitol Hill with other policy making institutions;
  2. Offering graduate level education in Islam and public policy making;
  3. Creating a network of interns who have gained experience and useful contacts in a many important institutions.
2018 application calendar
  • January 25th, 2018: MPSN begins accepting applications for summer 2018. Telephone interviews with applicants will be scheduled within two weeks of receipt of application.
  • April 30st, 2018: Early Acceptance deadline. (March/April are the deadlines for many of the larger institutions, such as government agencies, think tanks and we suggest that you apply as soon as possible to secure a meaningful internship).
  • May 15th, 2018: Application Deadline. Final decision on all financial aid to be provided by MPSN. All requests for financial aid submitted after this date will be based solely on the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee.
  • May 15th to May 31st, 2018: Late Applications. Any application received within these dates will be accepted only if there is space in the program. Any application postmarked on or after May 1st will require a $30 application fee.
  • June 1st to July 31st, 2018 (August 15th for continuing internships): MPSN 2018 Summer Program
A proven history of service

Our network of interns has grown over the last fourteen years and now has over 200 alumni. These interns served in influential offices such as the White House and US Senate, and were taught by scholars and experts in government and public policy. Program alumni currently work on Capitol Hill and for the State Department, the Department of Justice, and a variety of nonprofit organizations such as the ACLU. As a result of this innovative program, talented Muslim Americans are on policy-making career paths where they can make meaningful contributions to American society. The impact of our interns upon politicians on Capitol Hill has been noticeable, with many supervisors agreeing that the presence of MPSN interns in government offices fosters a very positive image of Muslim Americans.

Our curriculum: enhancing the internship experience

Our unique curriculum and high caliber of program applicants has attracted many prominent Muslim scholars and experts, who have enthusiastically volunteered their time and knowledge to support the program. In addition to reinforcing the internship experience, the MPSN curriculum contributes to university course work and provides for thesis development. These aspects of the MPSN program have proven to facilitate personal and career development and to reinforce a Muslim identity based on knowledge, ethics, and service to society.

Our success depends on you

Since 9/11, Muslim Americans have become a visible minority and a convenient target. While our talent in various spheres of education and business is evident, we have yet to make an impact on the development of public policy in the United States. The MPSN program provides the Muslim American community its best opportunity to show America that Muslim values and ideals can provide meaningful contributions, while at the same time defusing the tide of misunderstanding that Muslim Americans face. Application information can be downloaded at our website We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to accountable and transparent operation.